February Writing Challenge: what to do on Feb. 1

blank notebook with pencil

Are you writing? If so, that’s what you’re supposed to do today. Keep going and come back to this later! Is your day totally off the rails? If so, head straight to 5 things that count below. What you do today depends on the arc of your next several days. Over the next few days, […]

February Writing Challenge

In 2019, we launched our first February Writing Challenge, partly as a kind of joke response to 30-day challenges. On the one hand, if the 30 days in 30-day challenges is supposed to be equivalent to 1 month, why not do a 30-day challenge that’s 1 month, but make it the month of February, so […]

Doing All the Things: Hyperbole & a Half

Cartoon woman yelling "do all the things!"

This is a blog post about reading another blog post about how hard it is to do all the things. There’s something to the whole absentminded professor trope. High-achieving people can feel incapable of accomplishing super-basic errands or self-care on the level of even things like tying our shoes. Personally, I accomplish an awful lot […]