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Doing All the Things: Hyperbole & a Half

Cartoon woman yelling "do all the things!"

This is a blog post about reading another blog post about how hard it is to do all the things.

There’s something to the whole absentminded professor trope. High-achieving people can feel incapable of accomplishing super-basic errands or self-care on the level of even things like tying our shoes.

Personally, I accomplish an awful lot of heavy brain work done each day and each week—even if most of it lives in Plan B. But then I struggle to make doctor’s appointments, deal with my ISP’s rate inflation, get laundry from the washer to the dryer before things get ugly, and stuff like that. And all the people accomplishing their basic day-to-day tasks look like wizards from there.

That’s why I really feel this blog, why it’s one of my favorite things, why I love the All The Things emoji, and why I’m sharing it here.

Check out Hyperbole and a Half’s “This is Why I’ll Never be an Adult.” Hope it speaks to you, too. (But I also hope your executive functioning baseline is at least somewhat higher than mine.)