Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

We are a community of shared inspiration and purpose. Our goal is to create expertly staffed, curated writing groups to support scholars in their careers.

While we will not refuse to look at manuscripts or give line by line advice, the AWS staff cannot make any guarantees about how much time we can offer, when we can offer it, or when we can turn around any edits.

Participants in the Studio Scholars program receive discounted rates on editing services provided by the Studio. Please contact us to learn more.

Our mission is to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in higher education by expanding access to academic editing, coaching, and other forms of support for scholars. Two of the most important aspects of that expanding access point are (1) that we want to make writing support more affordable and (2) that we want to expand the timeline along which you get that support. Most people don’t seek editing until their manuscripts are at, at minimum, about 80% of where they need to be. This is especially true for folks on a limited budget: if you only get one pass by an editor, it seems you likely won’t do that pass until you have actually written the document. This makes total sense. But what about while you were sweating all the parts beforehand, or floundering for a year not knowing how it was going to happen, how you were going to carve out the time, and then every time you thought you’d gotten time your kid would get sick, or the car would need servicing.

We want participants in our program to primarily rely on the other members of their group(s) for guidance. That being said, we hold two office hours per week in addition to daily check-ins with each group. Furthermore, AWS staff is available for private consultation on a first come, first serve basis (but please remember our time is divided among the rest of the community as well).

Please know that we are trying to build a community where scholars help each other. This means that we encourage conversations and stories to happen where others can learn and benefit from them.

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