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We’ve been asked for a more “on-the ground” sense of day-to-day interactions at the Studio. Most of what we do, however, involves conversations that (a) are confidential and (b) would probably be boring to an outside party. One thing we can share are posts we make on our Scholars workspace. Here’s yesterday’s, which is fairly typical. (We added a couple of links to things so you know what we’re talking about.)

Monday musings …
I feel like a lot of scholars are in one of 3 situations on this Monday in late July:
(1) taking a vacation,
(2) switching over to a different project to give it some extra attention this week (that’s just a weird coincidence about y’all this week, that I’m sharing as a “fun fact”), or
(3) feeling particularly “aaaaaaaaaaa!”

For the “aaaaaaaaaaa!” people, I have 3 suggestions for today:
1. Review the “soft re-entry” concept. Check out the blog link above. Set aside 15-30 minutes to just get your thoughts organized (also see below). Tell yourself that you’ll regroup at regular intervals and make sure you’re doing the most important thing.
2. Pomodoro All The Things! We joke around here about how much everyone knows poms work and how much we all just forget to do them (including us! even when we’re telling you to do them!) Notice that the above suggestion fits VERY nicely into the pomodoro structure.
3. Don’t forget we’re here for you! One of the services we provide is answering the question “aaaaaaaaaaa what should I do today?!!” We can do that, or talk you down, or talk you forward, or talk you through the actual content of what you’re writing.

And try the cowriting lobby if you haven’t been using it. It really does make a difference!