Rationing the midnight oil

If your situation’s anything like mine, you’ve got what seems like an endless stack of to-dos.  With only so many hours in the day, for me at least the only clear place to steal more time is in the evenings before bed. Thus is the way of the Order of the Night Owl—a society of […]

On blocks and blogs.

Writer’s block: the struggle is real. You might have it and blame it on something else, like depression, ADD, or any of the “ordinary” mental-health stuff that all of us seem to have at least one of—or something even more ordinary, like garden-variety distractibility or busyness. But writer’s block isn’t just for aspiring novelists or […]

“Free time,” research backlog, and debt.

Animation of papers piling up

Giant to-do lists can be so panic-inducing that they benefit from being tackled via analogy, with the cognitive distance that analogy provides. One analogy that works for a lot of people is to think of your research backlog as financial debt. The two are similarly anxiety-inducing, but for some reason it’s easier to see the […]

Wrangling your best energy

Fact: you have more things to do than you have time to do them. Another fact: you have more things that require your best energy than you have time in your best energy zone. We’ve all been in a situation something like this: there’s an important thing you need to write, and you spend your […]