2019 Studio Scholars summer 6-week application

In the 6-week summer session of the Studio Scholars Program, we expand access to academic editing, coaching, and other forms of support that help scholars increase academic productivity and faculty success. The Studio Scholars Program is a digital community of shared inspiration and purpose, where scholars are supported and mentored by academic writing professionals and peers.

Academic Writers Studio currently offers three versions of the Studio Scholars Program. In addition to the 6-week summer session, we also offer a year-long program as well as a 6- month program. Applicants who wish to join the program on an alternate plan are encouraged to reach out to our team as these applications are considered on a case-by case basis.

This is the application for the AWS six week summer program. To learn more about it, go here. If you’re interested in the full-year program, start here.To ask questions or address concerns, please get in touch with us or email us.You can also contact Academic Writers Studio via social media on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

e.g. College/university, other employer, self-employed


Participation weeks:

Please choose the 6 weeks during which you'd like to participate in the program. (You will be able to change this later.)
NOTE: Laura will be traveling between July 1 and 9.


The total cost of this 6-week program is $600. Please see invoice for final cost.

Some FYIs:

• You'll be able to pay via check, Paypal, credit card, or bank transfer.

• Payment is due in full before you can begin the program. If this presents a hardship for you, please contact us.

• Deposit refund/cancellation policy: If you notify us by email (at [email protected]) within 48 hours of payment but before your participation begins, your payment will be refunded at 90% (i.e., minus a 10% processing fee). We are unable to offer refunds once you begin participating in the program.